My Thoughts On: Pullip Optical Queen for February 2019

Pullip Optical QueenThis is, what I call a complete surprise: Two years after the release of Pullip Optical Alice (whose review was my first blog post on here, btw), the long teased ‘Optical Alice’ series is finally kicking off not to be a solo project anymore with freshly announced Pullip Optical Queen! Not only am I surprised, I am also super pleased that my Optical Alice will get a sister, who is more experimental with her make up!Pullip Optical QueenLet me explain further, why I am so excited: Optical Alice has a very unique greyish white skintone with lots of red blushing and contour, which the promotional images of Pullip Optical Queen also seem to promise us! Both look like beautiful porcelain dolls, even though they are out of plastic like Groove dolls usually are. Over two years ago all of the prototypes for the ‘Optical Alice’ series had been teasered at a doll show in Tokyo and when you look at this picture, you will see that the Queen has undergone a lot of changes, which I applaud because she seems a little more polished to me now!

Pullip Optical Queen's face upGroove is known for their numerous Alice series and the dolls representing the Queens have always been quite beautiful and dramatic, but Optical Queen might frankly be my favourite so far! Just look at these lips! These lower lashes! And these eyechips! The dark wine red just works with the grey eyeshadow and alternating black and grey eyelashes! I have nothing but love for her face up!

Pullip Optical Queen's wigPullip Optical Queen' wigBeing the Queen, her wig is a little more extra too: Not only does it match her lips perfectly, but it is super long with two big buns on top of her head and the rest of her wig being a long braid with bangs in the front. Not everyday friendly at all! XD I do however really admire the creativity that went into this hairstyle!

Pullip Optical QueenPullip Optical QueenThe main fabric of Optical Queen’s dress perfectly matches Optical Alice’s apron, while the red polka dots on the dark fabric are new, as well as the white and black stripes. My favourite part of the dress, are those cute puffy sleeves – their red details remind me of Snow White! It is not my favourite stock dress design, but I also don’t hate it. I will make up my mind, once I see it in person. The same goes for her crown, but I do love her black choker with the little golden heart pendant!

I think that it is pretty much clear that I plan to add this beauty to my collection! It is wonderful to see the ‘Optical Alice’ series being continued and I wonder, if we will see the Dal, Taeyang and Isul next!

What are your thoughts about this girl? Do you prefer her or Pullip Optical Alice? Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Pullip Optical Queen belong to Groove Inc./AGA.

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