1,5 Years of Komonogatari: My Dolly Halfiversary Wishlist!

Pullip Princess Serenity as CinderellaTwo weeks ago ‘Komonogatari’ turned 1,5 years old, which is calling for my updated wishlist that I share every six months! Right now, I am actually mainly saving up for my trip to Japan in December and we got so many doll announcements, which have been kind of overwhelming too. Nonetheless, wishes I have plenty and there are still enough dolls and relating aspects for me to be discovered, so actually writing them all down, already makes me super excited-and so far we are only at the rambly intro of this blog entry. Do not forget to share your dolly wishes with me in the comments after reading!


Pullips are still my favourite dolls. I do love all of the dolls in my collection, but when it comes to adding new members to my dolly family, Pullips mainly get prioritized and I fall in love with past and recent models way too easily. I love their big and sophisticated faces!

Who has moved in?!

I am going to leave out my custom cuties because acquiring custom dolls is a factor of time, place and occasion. I do not really plan ahead, except when I commission artists for face-ups. And due to saving, I try to hold my horses maybe until early next year?! >u<

My newest stock Pullip girls!Of course my pre-ordered girls Pullip Cinnamoroll and Pullip Himawari arrived in spring. Both are beautiful and were absolutely worth the wait! I also made my dream come true of finally getting Pullip Tiphona. I now know, why she has been such a fan favourite and need to share a review with you soon! And Pullip Bonnie surprised me by being a thousand times more beautiful in person and managed to surpass my already high expectations! My most recent girl is Pullip Princess Rosalind, who I finally found second-hand. Her face is divine and super sweet; I even like her extravagant wig!

Already Pre-Ordered

Pullip Princess KakyuIt has been quite a while, since I got a Pullip out of the Sailor Moon series. To sum it up: I would love to get them all, but it is so hard to keep up with lots of beautiful regular Pullip releases coming out at the same time. My collection so far only consists out  of Pullip Princess Serenity and Pullip Sailor Neptune. A duo that will soon become a trio with Pullip Princess Kakyuu, a character from my personal favourite season of the original Sailor Moon anime, called ‘Sailor Stars’! I could not resist her red eyechips and her red eyeshadow in combination with those gorgeous tangerine lips! It also does not hurt that her outfit looks phenomenal and that I imagine her looking superb next to Princess Serenity!

The Actual Wishlist

If you remember my last wishlist, you will be happy to hear that I have no ‘Dropped Dolls’ (still the worst alliteration ever) aka dropped dolly wishes this time! So Pullip Dahlia Cinderella, Pullip Super Stella and Pullip Classical White Rabbit are all pretty much still wishes of mine!

Pullip Les Secrets by Ladurée's face up!Stock photo of Pullip Very Berry Pop.Pullip Very Berry Pop has been on my wishlist for a while and now Pullip Les Secrets with very similar eye make-up will be released at the end of November. Since there is a good chance that I will have the opportunity to check both girls out side-by-side in Japan, I will decide there and then, who I like more! I do however lean more towards Les Secrets because she has a stock that I would use more often in contrast to VBP’s innuendo berries!

Pullip The Secret Garden of White WitchPullip The Secret Garden of the White Witch is absolutely going to be added to my collection! The winner of Groove’s Custom Contest, Feb la Campanura, is the artist behind her and made such an oustandingly cute girl that I get all tingly, just thinking about her! TSGOTWW will be released at the end of December in Japan, which also means that we already are at the end of the Pullip year – time flies!

Pullip Alrescha Pisces bikini topI am not 100% sure yet on Pullip Alrescha Pisces, especially due to her similarities to my newly acquired Princess Rosalind. It is basically a Les Secrets/VBP situation, where two dolls have the same eye make-up and your are not sure, if you need them both in your collection. And then there is also the question, how I would feel to miss out on a Pullip mermaid release…probably not that amazing?! Somebody enlighten me, please!

Taeyang, Dal & Isul

Taeyang Hide 20th memorial release's face up!I blame it on Pullip! I never get around to shop for one of her family members because my girl always wins! That being said: The newest Hide is a beautiful upcoming Taeyang, who is a limited release and therefore I wonder, if there is any chance of getting him at all. Of course Taeyang Koichi and Taeyang Reonhardt are still favourites in my book too!

Before I don’t get my first Taeyang, I honestly cannot see myself getting any other Pullip family member like a Dal or an Isul. Even though I really want to check them out and finally get to know Pullip’s family!


Mei, my Smart Doll MelodyI am a happy Smart Doll owner now! I decided on Smart Doll Melody and let me tell you: I really enjoy her size,  since she is practically twice as tall as all of my other dollies. Right now, I am experimenting a bit with various styles to switch up her fashion, but I also want to get her a different wig and eyes. Mei, as I call her, is my first vinyl doll and her quality is outstanding!

This beautiful girl has no name so far, but I absolutely adore her! If I am lucky, I might be able to see her in the Mirai Store and we might have a name and release date by then. Not only do I love her face, Smart Doll’s ‘Tea’ skin colour looks stunning – actually all of their dolls’ complexions are; making it even harder to choose!


When it comes to the rest of the dolls I like, like Blythe and Azone dolls, I do not have any concrete plans. I want to go to Japan and be surprised by what is in store! Especially, when it comes to 1:6 Azone cuties because I want it to be an honest surprise and not spoil myself with doing any kind of research first! XD That also applies to Momoko and Ruruko dolls…

This was my updated wishlist! What are your wishes at the moment? Do you have a favourite type of doll or do you love an eclectic mix?

Thank you so much for reading!


4 thoughts on “1,5 Years of Komonogatari: My Dolly Halfiversary Wishlist!”

  1. Hi Theri! It was very interesting to read about your wishlist, and I’d been curious about it for a while already!

    Personally, out of the new girls, I’ve been this close to pre-ordering Kayano a few times, chickening out at the last point of checkout. I’m still not sure if I should or not, but I’ve been buying so many girls the last months that I should just take a break and save money!

    What I love about Kayano is the colourfulness, and it’s what I’ve been craving in my life the last months outside dolly things, too. So instead of ordering her, I’m trying to fulfill this need by just making colourful clothes for my girls and match them with colourful shoes and tights!

    I generally love vintage, lolita, whimsical and romantic style dolls. Of older releases, I’ve been trying to find Milk Latte, without success so far! Of still available dolls, I’m perpetually rotating between Lupinus, Marie, Gretel and VeryBerryPOP, without ever actually ordering any of them!

    1. Hello! 💕💕💕

      I absolutely get what you mean: Kayano is so beautfiful and tempting, so I try to not think about her too much. Especially, since I felt like I could either get her or Princess Kakyuu. 🙈🙈🙈 I bet that your girls will look stunning in their colourful clothes, especially since you have such an amazing eye for fabrics and details!

      What I have been thinking about a lot lately, were Groove’s older lolita clothes and doll releases with these amazing prints, which are so, so hard to find by now! 😢 I would love it, if there would be some future releases in that style, instead of the rococo-inspired dresses. Those older Angelic Pretty designs were just the cutest! 💖

      I’m looking at lots of dolls in online shops all of the time too…it’s my version of window shopping! 😹😹😹

  2. Ah, dolly wishlists! So fun to make, so fun to read! 🙂

    Just a quick comment now on one doll on your list: Classical White Rabbit, also known as CWR. Definitely get her while you can, she’s so reasonably priced at the moment! I think she’s one of the most versatile Pullips there is. Very seen, yes, but still manages to look new when styled differently. Personally I’m very fond of her make up! I never thought much about her outfit, but when I got it, I was amazed by its quality and all the fun details, and wouldn’t let it go anymore.

    CWR was once thought to be sold out, and her price went up massively, because so many people still wanted her. Then after a year or two another batch emerged from somewhere, and now she’s widely available again. Go figure? But I doubt she will be available forever, and I want to save you from the agony I felt when I thought I had missed out!

    1. After reading your comment, I honestly have to stop myself from rushing over to get myself a CWR! 🙈 She actually was on my sold out/grail wishlist, but since she has come back, I get distracted over and over again, which is such a shame. I am kind of feeling that my collecting these days is not very organized at all. Somehow girls still find their way into my home and I am happy they’re here! 😹
      What actually makes me the most curious, is that you love her outfit so much! I always thought that it looks nice, but hearing that it is really nice – and that next to such a beautiful doll – is tempting me even more! 😍😍😍 And it would be super fun for dress-up pictures! Omg, what to do?! 😭💖🙈💖😹💖😱
      (And pssst: I would love for Groove to bring more older models back! 😉)

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