My Dolly Week #75: Salt & Surprises!

Good evening and welcome back to another Dolly Week, everybody! This time I am pretty overwhelmed and not quite sure, where to start. Let’s start with the surprise, even though it cannot be healthy to end salty. (So much potential for lots of puns, I’m in heaven!)

First of all, I got majorly surprised by all of my closest friends (who live in Vienna), who had gathered around in a super fancy Japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday with me. Thinking about all of them, sitting around the teppanyaki grill, gives me the warmest, fluffiest marshmallow feeling. It was just like a scene in a movie – and kind of like my wedding, since all of them had been part of it too! 🀣 Only this time I didn’t have to share the spotlight!

On Saturday my in-laws took my husband and me to a famous place in Upper Austria, which has risen to new levels of fame in the last decade: Hallstatt! I had visited Hallstatt a few times before, but it had been too long and I had been yearning to go back every summer. It is just so, so beautiful!

We arrived at around 10 AM and I would absolutely recommend to start your visit around the same time or maybe even sooner. Hallstatt’s popularity is no joke and it got pretty difficult to find the right angles for ‘serene’ pictures. Since we also took a guided tour through the salt mine, we were gifted with a tiny salt shaker in the end. And, guess what?! I immediately knew it in my heart that it was perfectly dolly-sized. It might be more suitable/realistic for dolls on a 1:4 scale, but I liked the way its colours complimented the Pullip outfit by La Princesa Yukijiro, which Claire is wearing in the very first picture of this post.

When it comes to MiniFΓ©e Rikku, things kind of took a u-turn and she had a little style change, which I will hopefully be able to show you in an upcoming video this weekend. She does not look totally different, but way more sophisticated and closer to what I had in mind for her.

In the meantime you could check out my Silkstone Barbie and QPosket Collection, if you haven’t already!

I hope that you are all well – and I just learned yesterday that school has started again in Finland, so I am sending some extra love to all students!

Thank you so much for reading!


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