My Thoughts On: Isul Yun for November 2019

They call me Isul! They call me Yun! Girls and guys: Isul is back and he is looking like a K-Pop star. I am over the moon that there will be a new release wearing contemporary fashion – and this is coming from someone, who is not that into male dolls.

That being out of the way (and yes, AGA and Groove: I want a Pullip in cool K-fashion clothes), the face up of Isul Yun is beautiful! I especially dig his warm brown eyeshadow, which fits him so well, it almost makes me cry! I also remember a time (around 2012), during which straight eyebrows were THE beauty trend to come out of Korea and this boy has the look locked down!

His wig is phenomenal: A soft whitish pink and slightly wavy. It is a lovely contrast to his earth-toned centered make up and accentuates his nice blue eyechips, which look pretty realistic – their style reminds me of Pullip Jeanne from earlier this year!

Isul Yun comes with lots of swag. Let’s start with the outfit, he is wearing on the promotional poster: Boy is wearing his own merch! I assume that he is a solo artist, who has just started a tour and the most expensive item of his concert merchandise is his baggy, asymmetrical sweater. It does say ‘Love Is Blind’ in the front and ‘Savior’ on the right sleeve, which makes me wonder, on which tour he actually is on.

His second outfit is not helping. At all. His white shirt says his name in bold letters with ‘Love You’ written across it in cursive. It is probably a collection of items from the past three years of his music career.

A personal highlight of Isul Yun’s stock is his sparkly bomber jacket in all the colours of the metallic rainbow. It looks like even the zipper is functional. I am not completely sure, where the disco ball trinket came from and whether it is part of the jacket or not.

(Edit: The moment you realize that that disco ball is actually a microphone… πŸ™ˆ)

Our superstar also seems to be wearing some high quality pants (dolly denim can get expensive), which have been tastefully distressed. Light camel boots out of plastic complete his look.

Is there a K-Pop star Isul Yun reminds you of? I was kind of thinking of BTS’ Jimin, although it was also pointed out to me that he could be modelled after Suga. What do you think?

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Isul Yun belong to Groove Inc./AGA. (1)

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