Whee, here I am! πŸ™ˆ Being in front of the camera is a completely different experience, but at least I had good company. πŸ˜‰ This tag is really old, but I thought that it would be a nice way to introduce myself to you. That being said, it took me three times to film this thing and lots of computer crashes while editing, so to finally be able to share it, is my own personal miracle! 😹

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

πŸŽ€ The Questions πŸŽ€

  1. How long have you been collecting?
  2. What do you collect?
  3. How many dolls do you have?
  4. Which of your collections are you the most proud of? Why?
  5. Which single doll cost you the most money? (Relatively and literally?)
  6. Which doll line is your favourite to collect and why?
  7. What made you want to collect dolls?
  8. Which is your most wanted doll right now?
  9. Which of your previously most wanted dolls do you have now?
  10. What is the most dolls you have gotten at once?
  11. Which is your least favourite doll?
  12. Which of your dolls has the best story (in your life and in theirs)?
  13. What do you do with your dolls?
  14. Are there any other collections that you want to start?
  15. Which of your dolls would you most like to be?
  16. Do people know that you collect dolls/toys?
  17. Does your family support your collection?
  18. What was your first doll/toy collection that you can remember? Do you still have them?
  19. Which doll started each of your collections?
  20. What is your favourite place to shop for dolls?

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