Mei’s Musings #2: Ufufufuuu~fy!

It is already the second installment of Mei’s Musings and I have to say; it is quite flattering that people are interested in what I have to say! πŸ˜€

Mei in a bunny hoodie, pyon!So flattering even that I am wearing a new sweater today. I was craving pastel pink for the end of summer and can never resist a touch of cuteness and whimsy. Why just wear a cute bunny living inside a donut with lilac frosting on your shirt, when you can become a bunny yourself?! I got it from Cyristine Creations on Etsy, who has the cutest pastel fairy kei clothes for girls like me. As a special bonus, my white shorts by Culture Japan are the perfect fit. I am still waiting for some socks to complete my look.

Mei and UfufysThe song I did not get out of my head all week, was (G)I-DLE’s newest single ‘HANN’, which makes you feel, as if you just stepped into an old Western movie with a cool breeze slightly tucking at your cowboy hat. It also doesn’t hurt that the chorus basically only consists out of ‘fuu fuu fuuuu’, which makes me think of Disney Ufufys and how squishy squashy they are!

Mei, sitting on the jewellery caseSlowly catching up upon Disney films, I finally got to watch ‘Mulan’ for the first time. Disney is very popular in my new home and ‘Mulan’ is probably Theri’s favourite. On Saturday the new limited edition Mulan jewellery case arrived and Theri got all weird and sentimental because it has been 20 years ago now, since she first saw the film in the cinema. Admittingly, the case is very beautiful, heavy and well made. For me, as a Smart Doll, it almost looks like a piece of furniture or a trunk. The live action film will be super interesting too, especially since the first still of Liu Yifei as the heroine already looks amazing!

Mei's wig on the correct side of her head.There is still a note that I have left from last week: Your girl Mei wore her wig on the wrong side! XD No wonder that I was always pushing my hair back or had to use hair clips. Mei van der Woodsen did not have an easy time, until her hair crest was back on the left side and the angels started singing! What I have learned from this experience is to always thourougly check promotional pictures before doing a huge photoshoot. Oh my, if I start collecting all of my best tips, ‘Mei’s Musings’ could indeed someday end up as a self-help book!

Mei looks so good in golden tones!What is your favourite Disney film? Do you like Me(i) as a bunny? Do you have any suggestions about what I could be doing next? My dreams are venturing into business and formal wear, while still being cute and myself. You are also hopefully happy to read that Theri and I are becoming better and better friends. We are going to work on my review together in a few days!

This was Mei’s Musings; see you soon!

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