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Pullip The Rose from the Le Petit Prince series is a release that came out early last year in collaboration with lolita fashion label Alice and the Pirates. There is also an Isul as The Little Prince and Pullip The Fox released from this series. The Fox will get her own review in the upcoming week. I absolutely love those two Pullips and this is also the reason, why I wanted to have them in my header picture. Only a limited stock of those dolls was on sale overseas, but since The Rose and The Fox are still readily available on Mandarake it seems to be true that they were a regular release in Japan (I also tried to look for Isul, but he is sold out). Le Petit Prince is a famous tale from French writer and adventurer Antoine de Saint-ExupΓ©ry. I have already encountered it twice in my life. The first time in elementary school, when my teacher lent me the story on cassette tape and the second time in high school, when we had to read it in French class. Of course those dolls were at the peak of my interest, when I learned of their existence. It is widely believed that the Rose in de Saint-ExupΓ©ry’s story is inspired from his wife and muse Consuelo, who he had a turbulent relationship with. Lots of love, betrayal, disappointment and passion!

Pullip The Rose
Pullip The Rose is a 2016 release from the Le Petit Prince series, which is a collaboration with Japanese lolita fashion brand Alice and the Pirates!

The Rose's Face Up
Those eyechips are one of my favorites!

The Rose being a rose, incorporates various shades of pinkish red. To break out of this continuity, her eyechips are a sparkling grass green with a white accent that is supposed to imitate the reflection of light. On her waterlines she is wearing reddish dark brown eyeliner, which also reappears on her upper lashline and ends on the outer corners in a sharp spikey flick. The only parts of her eyes that are not lined, are the inner corners. The Rose has reddish brown lashes, which alternate in length, drawn on to her lower lid. On her upper and lower lid she is wearing metallic pink colored eyeshadow. Her crease is drawn in a thin reddish brown colored line. This reddish brown color was also used to draw on her brows in a few minimalist strokes.

The Roses Eyelids
Those lips remind me of petals!

Speaking of minimalism: Her lids have the slightest rosy pink tint and thick reddish brown liner. Also reminding of rose petals, is the shape of The Rose’s lips, which are overall glossy, but only metallic red in the middle. To compliment her look, there is reddish pink blush under her cheekbones.

The Rose's wig
Look at that shiny hair!

The wig from the back.Detail of the bangs.The color of the wig is simply gorgeous. It is a shiny metallic red that looks lovely in person and also takes your breath away in photographs. In the front The Rose has long uneven cut bangs with short strands right next to them to frame her face. Her hair in the back is long and wavy. Even though it is beautiful, my only point of critique is that it could be a littler thicker in the back because the buttons for her eye mechanism is showing through here and there. There is also a tiny irregular braid in the back, which is staying in place due to a see-through hair tie and decorated with a piece of wine red ribbon tied into a slouchy bow.

The hair clip from above!
The hair clip from above!

The Rose does not come with lots of accessories, but her hair clip is extremely elaborate and sweet. Most eye-catching is the red rose out of velvet, a hint towards the character she is supposed to embody, a design choice, which is even more prominent in Pullip The Fox. The main fabric of the hair clip is beautiful white lace. It looks very elegant and even cuter with the pink bows out of two different kinds of ribbon above and under the velvety rose. The in the middle of the lower bow there is even a small golden star pendant sewn on to. The clip itself is unfortunately out of plain silver metal. I wish, it was painted in a reddish pink color, so it would blend in nicer with her wig.

The Rose's stock
Perfect in every little detail!

Alice and the Pirates‘ outfit does not disappoint. It is an everyday sweet lolita ensemble consisting out of a frilly blouse and a long dress with embellishments and cute prints. Everything feels silky and out of great quality. At the time of release you could actually purchase this outfit for yourself to wear as well. The white blouse is pretty simple with white lace on the collar, at the end of the sleeves and down the middle in the front, where it closes with velcro.

The Rose's bodice
Dainty and pretty details make it special!

The dress is more complex. Its main color is a reddish purple and the fabric feels very silky. The skirt section is lined, which gives it kind of a balloon shape. On her straps, there are frills in the same main fabric, which seem laser-cut and do not get frayed at all. The bodice is sectioned by gold and white strings, while there is also white lace at the very top. The embellishments are super cute: There is a red plastic rose in the middle and the same kind of golden heart pendant from the hair clip is also sewn under it. Left and right to the rose, there are golden chains with three tiny pearls each. Overall the bodice is very form fitting and adds a nice contrast to the very voluminous skirt.

The Rose's skirt
Perfect color combinations!

The back of the dress.Hemline of the dress.Above the hemline of the skirt, there are illustrations from the author of The Little Prince himself printed on the fabric. This details were a big selling point for me. Doesn’t it just scream creativity and loveliness?! Illustrations include the Little Prince with The Fox, the Little Prince with The Rose, The Rose on her own and so on. At the hemline, there are more gold and white strings, which are then leading over to two ruffly layers out of yellow and turquoise colored satin. There is a single bow out of the main material in the back, where the dress also closes with velcro.

The Rose's shoes.
Simple stock shoes, but I’m a fan! They work!

The Rose's tights.The Rose is wearing amazing reddish purple cotton tights, which seem to have the whole galaxy printed on them. Never have I seen tights as beautiful than these from the Le Petit Prince series! In combination with these beauties, she is wearing a type of stock shoe, which most of you might be familiar with. They are the same shoes that Pullip Snow White or Princess Serenity also come with. I am sure that there are probably more, but these are at the very top of my head. The Rose’s ones are out of shiny red plastic and they fit the outfit just so, so well! They match the roses incorporated in her outfit and she is wearing them like the confident girl she is!

The Rose and The Fox
They are very different, but share so much!

In the end, all I have left to say is that I love this doll and that she is part of the many beautiful Pullip releases with red colored wigs. It is unfortunate that she was not evenly distributed everywhere. I cannot wait to tell you about her sister The Fox next week. I love them both as a cute little literary pair.

Do you prefer The Rose or The Fox? Do you have any of the Le Petit Prince dolls? I would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading!


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