My Thoughts On: Pullip Yuhwa for May 2019

Pullip YuhwaPullip has found her love for Korean mythology in 2019! Just four months after releasing Pullip Kumiho, the sweet little nine tailed fox, AGA and Groove are presenting their vision of Lady Yuhwa, the mother of King Dongmyeong, the first king of Goguryeo, one of The Three Kingdoms of Korea. Not only was she the mother of a king, but legend also says that she was the daughter of a God!

Pullip YuhwaPullip YuhwaFirst things first: I love her traditional Korean hanbok! Seeing her pictures for the first time, I squealed with excitement. The dusty rose colour works really well with the burnt orange and blush elements. The dusty rose fabric looks especially nice from the back. I love its textured look!

Pullip Yuhwa's belt detailsHer belt is very pretty and ornate. I love the floral details in the center, which remind me a lot of the rose of Sharon, South Korea’s national flower. Furthermore, we are treated to beautiful golden and blush coloured cords, as well as different kinds of gold and white lace. Those lace details add visually more layers to her skirt. Even tassels make their glorious return in dusty rose, although I have to say that I am more intrigued by the two emerald green beads that appear to have a velvety surface. I love how they match her eyes!

Pullip Yuhwa's face upNow let’s talk about my favourite topic: Her face up! Pullip Yuhwa has exceptional make up that is dividing the community, since she is sporting a look that has never been done before. According to Korean mythology, Lady Yuhwa had her lips stretched out as a punishment by her father because she fled from an arranged marriage. No wonder then that her lips have an unique shape. They are quite full, almost look overdrawn and two-toned. Considering the Instagram trend of overlining your lips, Yuhwa is very fashionable!

Pullip Yuhwa's face upHer lips are actually the feature that has me going back and forth the most. I love the deep wine red colour and the uniqueness of their shape, but at the same time I wonder, if they might look too harsh against her porcelain skin tone. Another surprise are her multiple drawn-on upper lashes, which look very feathery and lovely. I am super interested, what her eyebrows will look like!

Pullip YuhwaYuhwa’s wig is chestnut brown, very long with straight bangs in the front. It frames her face perfectly. I dare to say that the hair knot on top of her head is a separate hair piece, which reminds me of Pullip Princess Kakyuu. Between the wig and the hair piece there are flowery hair pins out of pink and yellow fabric.

I would love to hear your thoughts now! Will you add Pullip Yuhwa to your collection or are you going to wait until you see more pictures of her? Hopefully there will be more Pullips of mythological creatures in the future because I love the eclectic mix of original and J-fashion, anime, historical and mythological releases!

Pullip Yuhwa was supposed to launch in April, but her release date has been moved to May.

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Pullip Yuhwa belong to Groove Inc./AGA. (1/2)

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