Customizing PULLIP NANA-CHAN πŸ¦”

This is, what I do on my weekends: It was time for my Pullip Nana-chan to get a new look! Now I am super pleased with her appearance and am so in love with her again, I cannot stop staring! What are your thoughts on my little hedgehog girl? πŸ¦”

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I love Disney! 🏰 Is there anything else to say?! 😊 But to give you a bit more context: You will find a lot of Disney in my everyday life, since I love to collect Disney merchandise. To kick off my Disney related content on this channel, I decided to do the Disney tag with videos about my park plans for Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea to come, as well as Disney vlogs and vlogs about my collection! 🐭

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PULLIP OUTFITS of the Day #2: Getting Autumnal! 🍁

Welcome to my second installment of showing you my favourite Pullip outfits! Autumn is here, which is why I was in the mood for some deep jewel tones – of course with a sprinkle of pastel and kawaii! 🍁

Are there any outfits that you would like to see in the future? Or any video requests? Just let me know and I will put it on my (always growing 😊) list of future videos!

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After talking about giving my Blythe dolls more love for ages, I am finally putting my money, where my mouth is and present you my second Neo-Blythe doll Lorshek Molseh, who is a 2014 release and has – as her name is an anagram for Sherlock Holmes – a detective theme. Her stock outfit simply rocks! πŸ”

Please expect more Blythe videos in the future! 😊

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Whee, here I am! πŸ™ˆ Being in front of the camera is a completely different experience, but at least I had good company. πŸ˜‰ This tag is really old, but I thought that it would be a nice way to introduce myself to you. That being said, it took me three times to film this thing and lots of computer crashes while editing, so to finally be able to share it, is my own personal miracle! 😹

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Review: My Customized PULLIP LUPINUS 🍭

Pullip Lupinus was released in November 2016 and pretty much immediately joined my dolly family. She is part of Groove Inc.’s Creator’s Label line and the creator behind Lupinus is Japanese artist Silver Butterfly, who had already designed the outfit for Pullip Galene in 2012. Honestly, don’t miss out on this girl! 🍭

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Video Review: Pullip Cinnamoroll πŸ’™

Pullip Cinnamoroll was released last spring to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sanrio’s character, who is a cute white puppy and my favourite! πŸ’™

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My Dolly Week #70: Pushing Yourself!

Rise being a wa lolitaLast Sunday something inside of my head clicked. It is always difficult to pin down the exact moment, when things change. I am constantly thinking about this blog, about the content I post and hope to produce in the future. And with my regular posting schedule I was starting to feel comfortable. This comfortable feeling is dangerous because it also means that you are caught up in a routine that could easily go on forever – and this is not what I want because I want to do and learn so much more! It also dawned on me that this comfortable space was only an illusion because there were certain things at the back of my head, who I did not dare to touch. And still, the more I ignored them, the more my longing to actually face them grew! Continue reading My Dolly Week #70: Pushing Yourself!

Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❀

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

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