Review: Azone Twinkle à la mode Aquamarine Alisa

Azone International is a Japanese doll company that releases a lot of dolls on a regular basis. They have different series and sizes with adorable designs. They are also known for their high quality stock outfit and love for details. It is not that easy to get your hands on Azones in Central Europe because retailers only get extremely limited stock, but things are changing, since Azone just recently started expanding their market by releasing their first North American exclusives, which makes me optimistic for the future. Today I am going to show you my first Azone doll, Aquamarine Alisa, a release from 2016!

Azone's Aquamarine AlisaAlisa is part of Azone’s series SAHRA’S à la mode. Sahra is an original character from Azone and she is a highschool girl, who loves to dress up with her friends. At first they were four girls in total, but now they are a group of five. Each year there is a new theme and it is so interesting, how the style of each individual doll differs from the year before. Last year’s theme of the SAHRA-series was Twinkle à la mode and was centered around gemstones. Alisa’s stone was the aquamarine, which compliments her eyes beautifully. As you can see, she is quite different from Pullip or Blythe dolls because she does not have an über dimensional large head. Although she has the same scale bodywise (her clothes fit my Pullips perfectly and vice versa), she seems a lot tinier to me. Also her eyes are painted on, which makes her a lot manga- or anime-like. Getting an Azone doll is definitely a new experience! The dolls in this series are on a 1/6 scale. Continue reading Review: Azone Twinkle à la mode Aquamarine Alisa