Pullip Marisa Kirisame Spotted at Doll Event!

When I saw the picture above from Groove’s tweet on July 14th, I knew that I would have some sneaking around to do – or to find out as much as possible about the little witch girl and her blurred out colleagues!

The little witch, as it turns out, is magician Marisa Kirisame, a main character from ‘Touhou Project’. Now ‘Touhou Project’ does ring a bell, but I have no idea about the plot of the games/manga/anime. When it comes to Pullip releases from certain franchises I haven’t seen yet, I normally get really deep into the stories to learn more. So time will tell, if it will become a ‘Rozen Maiden’/’Revolutionary Girl Utena’ situation for me. My guess is that she will be officially announced pretty soon. Marisa looks really cute, but I feel like her face might be too pale for my taste.

Onto the blurred out dolls: Apparently we are talking about Pullip Claudia and Isul Yuri?! When it comes to Isul, I am not sure about anything. I just guess that they displayed him twice to show off his shirt and jacket at the same time.

Pullip Claudia on the other hand is so much fun for me because I keep speculating, which Pullip or Pullips are printed onto the fabric of her dress. I also love the indigo blue colour and her fancy little hat. I could have done without her plastic boots though, to be honest!

Are you a fan of ‘Touhou Project’? Do you like speculating about upcoming releases?

Thank you so much for reading!