My Thoughts On: Pullip Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Ver. for November 2019

It is that time again: During the weekend we were treated to the official announcements of Isul Yun, who we’ll talk about later, and Pullip Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Version. This makes Hello Kitty the third Sanrio character to get a revamp in AGA/Groove release history and her concept is a mixture of classic red and white Hello Kitty with a sprinkle of chocolate brown.

There is one reason, why I am not jumping to add her to my shopping cart: She reminds me a lot of Pullip Pere Noel, who I was able to acquire in late 2018 after years of searching. Just look at the short white bob, although I also have to say that I adore the pretty lower lashes in alternating colours and her golden eyechips. Her whole face is beautiful! I am just wondering, if my Pere Noel needs a twin with a slightly different taste in make up. I also do love her eyelids!

The outfit is very cute. I love the little bonnet with cat ears and that the ribbons on it are chocolate brown, say her name and are super long.

Pullip Hello Kitty’s dress is a cute interpretation of her iconic red bow. Not just is it literally featured on it (as it is on the bonnet), but it even is printed countless times onto the fabric of the skirt. I also wonder, if she is wearing a blouse or if the whole outfit is one piece.

Her shoes are bright red clogs out of plastic, which resemble those of Pullip My Melody Hennako a lot. And it just occured to me: The chocolate brown ribbons around her legs bear another resemblance to Pere Noel’s ballet shoes!

What really is pulling on my heart strings though, is how cute this girl would look next to my other Japanese character Pullips. She even has the same type of plushy bag like Pullip Funassyi!

There is no doubt on my mind that this girl will sell extremely well. With Hello Kitty’s popularity, I would not be surprised, if she turned out to be the bestseller of the year!

What are your thoughts? Are you happy to see another Sanrio collaboration?

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Pullip Hello Kitty belong to Groove Inc./AGA. (1)

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On: Pullip Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Ver. for November 2019”

  1. I absolutely love this since they always seemed to make her this bland pink and a really big headpiece that just overwhelms her but with this it’s a vintage set of clothes and very beautiful dress! As this is my opinion and I’m obsessed with hello kitty this is probably perfect and thank you so much for this! (I did kinda have trouble picking out her)

    1. Hi Ashton!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! πŸ™‚

      I also still want to add Pullip Hello Kitty to my collection and also really love the little kitten bonnet – it’s perfect!

      Yours, Theri

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