My Thoughts On: Pullip Margrethe for August 2019

Pullip Margrethe completely caught me off guard! There is so much tartan going on, so much beige lace and so many teddy bears!

Margrethe looks quite warm in her flannels and I can see her living in Northern Europe, near a Scotthish loch and solving mysteries.

Her face up is shining in neutral tones with heavy focus on the eyes. I love her feathery upper lashes, which add lots of depth to her gaze. Margrethe’s eyechips do remind me a lot of Pullip Jeanne‘s.

Margrethe’s light blonde wig is very long and wavy with bangs in the front. She is wearing it in two braids.

The wig is mostly covered up thanks to a huge tartan bonnet, which is giving me the already mentioned detective vibes. The massive bow in the back with a butterfly pendant is probably my favourite detail of the whole outfit!

Red and beige are the main colours in her stock outfit and therefore in her massive stock dress as well! It is, in true Pullip fashion, incredibly detailed and the stars of the show are of course the two fuzzy teddy bear heads on Margrethe’s skirt. The dress’ collar reminds me of Pullip Tiphona‘s blouse, which I love! And if it is too cold outside, she comes with a little cape to stay warm.

Pullip Margrethe’s shoes are typical lace-up booties out of plastic, which means that they are made out of one mould, which the laces are part of. The best accessory of hers, in my opinion, is her little teddy bear, which is all dressed up in tartan and lace too. It even has the blonde curls to match its owner!

A friend told me that Margrethe’s face up is reminding her of Pullip Classical Alice and I can absolutely see that! Also, at this time and place, I don’t think that I will be adding her to my girls, since I already have another girl in lolita fashion on pre-order: Pullip Funassyi!

Did Pullip Margrethe tickle your fancy enough to hit that pre-order button? Are you as delighted by her little blonde teddy bear as I am?

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Pullip Margrethe belong to Groove Inc./AGA. (1)

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