My Thoughts On: Pullip Cosmody for July 2019

Her name is revealing it all: Pullip Cosmody is a music lover from space, who will enchant us this summer with her silvery holographic clothes, pastel make up and accessories!

Cosmody is a very colourful departure from your typical Pullip girl, especially when it comes to her pink eyebrows in combination with light blue and purple eyeshadow. Her make up looks so nice, peeking out underneath her pale lavender wig, which is reminding me of Pullip Kumiho‘s in colour and of Pullip Cinnamoroll (sans the long pig tails) in style.

I am also a fan of Cosmody’s sparkly turquoise eyechips – they are truly perfect for her concept!

Speaking of suiting the concept: That girl will arrive in style with lots of stuff! She has massive cosmic headphones with an integrated mic in the front, bow and sequin snow globes on each ear included! I love this accessory in theory and hope that it won’t be too flimsy in the end product.

The rest of Pullip Cosmody’s clothes fit her concept as well, but are not necessarily for me, since we are talking about an ensemble out of silver fabric, consisting out of shorts and a long sleeved shirt with a sewn-on, see-through plastic skirt, which again has embellishments of his own in the form of big holographic sea shell and sea star sequins. My personal highlight however is the heart shaped cut out on the sweater with lavender sparkles along the seams.

Still, I prefer her purple turtleneck sweater, which has a big glittery musical note in its very front and more glitter along the sleeves.

Cosmody’s shoes are so much fun! I know their mould from past Pullip releases and love them in light pink with sparkly lavender tops. Her stockings are super cute too: Overknees, light pink, golden stars, very kawaii!

Long-comitted Pullip fans will have had a deja-vu, seeing Miss Cosmody: In 2005 two spacey Pullip twins were released, Jupi and Mercu, who not only share a similar concept, but also the same colour theme!

I am not completely sure yet, if Cosmody will become part of my dolly family, but again I have to thank PullipLovePullip on Instagram for her pictures of Cosmody’s prototype, which shows that her actual facial expression is very sweet and that the bangs of her wig are way thicker than on the promotional images and also hide her eyebrows completely. I also like her clothes and their way of reflecting light a lot more in these pictures.

Are you excited for the return of a cosmic girl? What are your thoughts on her make up and her clothes?

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Pullip Cosmody belong to Groove Inc./AGA. (1)

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