My Dolly Week #63: Are you ready for Pullip Kayano?

Marie in her new dress!Welcome back, everybody! This ‘Dolly Week’ is super late because life got in my way big time, but I am having a bit of air now and we have quite the news to discuss! I also wanted to share my Pullip Marie in her summery dress by ‘It’s MY Caprice’ with you! Marie was wearing a long sweater before, but now she is rocking a mini skirt and short sleeves!

The title of this post already spills it: There is going to be a new Pullip release for August in Japan in the form of Pullip Kayano! First of all, she seems to be an original release and no collaboration, which I believe has not been the case since Pullip Optical Alice, which makes her style only more interesting. She is wearing a short kimono out of a mix of various materials in combination with a bonnet and an apron. Lots of florals and lots of lace, red tones and orange flowers somehow do not manage to clash with her cherry red wig that frames her face.

Kayano’s face up has already been compared to Pullip Prunella due to her full lips, blue eye make up (although not nearly as dramatic as Prunella’s) – and her medium brown eyechips that do actually remind me of Prunella a lot! But her lips, colour and style, also remind me of Pullip Purezza, which I think is a nice touch regarding Pullip history! I think, it is lovely that a girl like Kayano surprised us all, while we are still in the middle of the Pullip custom contest and I am really looking forward to her being displayed somewhere!

Meanwhile, Neo-Blythe Seeking Apelles has been started to get displayed in Junie Moon stores and I have to say that I like her look and stock way more in person! Her dress and hat look great, especially that big fluffy yellow pompom! Her release date is on the 31st of May!

I also snoozed on the official announcement of Neo-Blythe Mermaid Tasha, who is going to be a Top Shop exclusive and will be out in June! Her illustrations look so pretty and magical; I cannot wait to see the actual cutie!

That’s it for now! But I am so super excited to read your thoughts about Pullip Kayano and if you are planning to add her to your collection! Were you as surprised by her announcement as I was?

Thank you so much for reading!


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