My Dolly Week #37: Seeing Red!

Welcome to another Dolly Week! I hope that everyone is having a lovely time, even though Halloween is over! 😉 I was a bit sad at first because the time for scary and cute decorations is over, but now I am free to plan Komonogatari‘s first Christmas, which will be equally exciting for me and my dolls. So please stay excited and let’s start!

Mayu, Rise and Ruri from Poison GirlSome things in life do not change. They still feel like the first time and leave you completely in awe with your happiness not wearing of whatsoever. This is how I feel about my dolls from María, the artist behind Poison Girl’s Dolls. Two days ago the most precious and prettiest (not to mention earliest) Christmas gift ever showed up on my door step: A little redhead called Rise, who is my warm and toasty doll family addition for the cold season. I am planning to dedicate a blog post to her next Thursday and in the meantime I could not help myself, but take pictures of her next to Mayu and Ruri.

Mayu, Rise and Ruri from Poison GirlAren’t those three the cutest?! María was so lovely to include some goodies into the package, of which these lovely Chip’n’Dale dolls were part of! They are part of the Ufufy series, which is finally available in European Disney stores! Great news, especially for doll fans, since their sizes vary from the Japanese ones. We finally have doll-sized Disney plushies available! I am so happy and a big thank you to María for the wonderful presents! <3

Mayu, Rise and Ruri from Poison GirlWhen looking at those three, I believe that Mayu is the oldest sister, while Ruri is a very responsible middle child and Rise is the little sister. While Mayu likes to space out after photoshoots, Ruri seems to be saying: ‘Oh, no! Why are Chip’n’Dale already tumbling down…we just got them!’. 😀 You can see all of María’s beautiful photographs of Rise in her blog’s gallery!

Approaching the end of the year, I honestly have to say that I am not entirely counting on new dolls being announced. It is kind of strange for me to look back on 2017 and the lack of Pullip releases. At the same time it allowed me to get more into custom dolls, a very interesting year indeed! 😀

Two weeks ago, I completely forgot to mention the name of upcoming Neo-Blythe release Gerda Eternity. She is the snow princess, I was talking about. Does she also remind you of Elsa from Frozen? A perfect release for Christmas in December!

Junie Moon also shared the video above on Blythe haircare and hairstyling, which I actually am in desperate need of. My Neo-Blythes’ hair is not too much of a greasy, frizzy catastrophe, but it could definitely be nicer to the touch. I feel a little bad in general for giving my Blythes not as much love. But to be honest, there is only so much time in the week, which is filled with Pullip projects. Still, I at least owe Lola, my Lorshek Molseh, a review and still want to publish it before the end of the year!

Mari, one of my favorite dolly lovers (check out the rest of her Instagram – she has such an amazing doll collection!) is having her second giveaway on her Instagram! She has amazing taste and Sugar Dream Koron, the Azone doll she is giving away, is so super cute!

Are you also a little nervous to make the rest out of the little time we still have left in 2017?! There are still so many things I want to write about! With having less and less daylight per day, I have to figure out a proper plan to stay on schedule. Yikes! ><

Have a lovely new week and I send you all the best! Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #37: Seeing Red!”

  1. Rise is adorable! You have the best Pullip collection! I hope all of them are getting along! 😜

    Thank you for linking to my giveaway! I’m still recovering from all of the entries!

    1. Thank you, dear Mari! 🙂 I love them all a lot! So far I haven’t heard any complaints from them, I hope it stays that way in the future! XD

      You’re welcome; I saw the massive amount of entries! It only speaks of your great taste in dolls that so many people wanted to give her a home! <3

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