Welcome, and step into Ruri’s World!

Dear readers, this is a very special and exclusive fashion post, in which Ruri welcomes you into her world-but mainly into her closet! We were having several photo shoots during the last days and hope that you will enjoy Ruri’s hottest dolly fashion trends for the summer of 2017! Miss Ruri, one of the fabulous Poison Girl’s Dolls, has Spanish roots and now resides in Central Europe. She has no plans to change her home destination ever again, which reportedly brings Theri lots of happiness!

Ruri in her room, so proud!

Welcome to my crib!

Ruri knitting!Ruri loves to relax in her cute baby pink and white clothes! This is the outfit, she arrived in her new home in and she cherishes them so much because María handpicked them for her. Ruri is a very tidy girl and loves her purple pink sakura wallpaper. Her pink plushy sofa is a bit small, but looks cute and is a great place to rest her pretty head. In her room are all the things a girly girl dreams of, but sometimes it can get a little lonely. That is exactly, why she picked up knitting, since she has heard that she soon will be joined by a sister, for whom she wants to have a welcoming present ready!

Ruri knitting some more!Ruri loves shoes-in one month she got three pairs! Baby pink platform shoes from María, kitty flats from Hello Cool Cat (she got them second hand from her sisters) and glittery pink Mary Janes from Happy Doll Family. She is already planning her next purchase in form of some cool hightop sneakers. Toy Story is her favorite movie and she loves her poster, which Shinzi Katoh designed for Disney’s 100th anniversary. We met Miss Ruri early in the morning, so her breakfast was still on her table. She usually prefers hot chocolate with cream and two kinds of custard croissants; one to eat in the morning and one to save for later.

Fabric Shopping

Ruri is asleep!Ruri is still sleeping!When Ruri wanted to take us shopping for fabrics to furnish her room, little did we know that croissants make this sweetheart super sleepy. She was just deciding on some beautiful blue fabric with fox print, when her eyelids got heavy and she comfortably started to snooze. Only then we were able to discover her elaborate eye make-up. Unfortunately, there is no information available, how long Miss Ruri spends every morning to paint this perfect masterpiece, but considering her sleepiness, she must have spent hours on it! We gave Ruri her beauty sleep and her agency gave us her outfit details: The shirt and cute mushroom skirt are from Ronmiel; everything else are presents from María.

MOre ruRI Style, please

A bow for you from Ruri!Ruri is mori ready!A few hours later we all met again in the photo studio, where we discussed Miss Ruri’s favorite trends. She told us that she will always be a mori girl at heart, which actually explains the many mushrooms on yesterday’s ensemble, too! No mushrooms with smiling faces, but an ensemble consisting out of a pink checkered dress, a mainly blue apron with lovely details and matching stockings from Whimsies on the Moon transformed Ruri into a classical mori girl. The icing on the cake is the beautful beret rom It’s My Caprice and her pink Cool Cat ballet flats. During the shoot, Ruri started playing with tiny pink and blue bows. The result was adorable!

The Business of Poetry

Ruri looks like business!Ruri surprised us with her lovely poetry and we knew that something more serious was waiting for us, since she ditched her signature color pink for a beautiful grey and white checkered dress with white lace from Atelier Milabrocc. To compliment the color of her eyes, she combined a light blue beret and scarf from Kuki Dolls with it. But wait: She is wearing her sparkling hot pink Mary Janes from Happy Doll Family! We guess, this girl really cannot leave her house with a little bit of pink on her mind!

Time to Explore

Red panda likes Ruri!Ruri's sporty ensemble!Our last spot led us into Theri’s living room, which is a very confusing place for Pullips and other toys, but also a melting pot for various kinds of collections. Miss Ruri’s favorite spot is on the sofa, where mostly plushies are hanging out during the day. We got lucky and found a tiny red panda in a quiet corner, after we bought a baguette in Miniature Street. We gave him two treats to lure him into Ruri’s arms and were successful. A truly magical moment! The clothes in the picture above are a cute, but also quite sporty outfit, which Ruri loves to wear, when running strenuous errands. The shirt and shorts are from Ronmiel, the ear warmers and shoes were gifts from María, Theri’s Mom made her white hairbands and her bag is from her sister Carlie’s (Pullip Bloody Red Hood) stock outfit. The bag is perfect for carrying her teddy Kuma and a baguette!

We are going to play now!We want to thank Ruri for letting us join her in her everyday life and wish her all the best in Theri’s collection!

Thank you for reading our latest issue!

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    1. Thank you, Ruri! I would like to have a coffee date with you someday, since I heard that you like to sew your own clothes! That is so cool! 😊💖💕💖💕

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