My Dolly Week #7: Happy Palm Sunday!

Welcome to the seventh Dolly Week post! These are the weekly posts, in which I like to talk about all the random dolly- or toy-related things that crossed my way in the last seven days! Happy Palm Sunday! Can you believe that Easter is closing in?! (I mean, we all kind of have to, but still!)

Alice and Blythie wish you a happy Palm Sunday! Please stay warm and don’t catch a cold!!!

First of all: Komonogatari now has its own Twitter and Instagram and the links are in the side bar. Please feel free to check them out and I will post regular updates! Slowly I am getting the hang of it.

Lola is Blythie's new buddy!
Lola is Blythie’s new buddy!

Due to a nasty cold, the past week sometimes was a struggle-but then Miss Lorshek Molseh arrived! She is a Neo-Blythe from 2014 that I got through Mandarake. Her price was reduced because her box was not in perfect shape, but the girl herself is perfect. I am going to call her Lola and will ask her to get behind various mysteries.

When I was watching Kpop group Dreamcatcher’s music video Good Night, I suddenly had to stop the video…because one of “my” girls was on screen. Pullip Bloody Red hood suddenly popped up on a sofa and unfortunately quite blurry, but a Pullip in a music video is still a Pullip in a music video, right?! I could not help, but think that my obsession with Pullips is finally paying off.

The stock photos for Neo-Blythe Gracey Chantilly have been released. Overall I think that she is very cute and I like her stock a lot. The only thing I am not totally happy with, is her hair. The official description calls it honey blonde, but it’s a little bit too orange for my taste, which I do not like in combination with her baby pink outfit. She will be released on May 19th and I am looking forward to more pictures. Maybe owner photos will show, if the hair is leaning more towards blonde or orange.

I cannot wait for this new week to start and to finally get back on track! I whish you and your dollies a good week!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #7: Happy Palm Sunday!”

  1. Lorshek Molseh is so cute! I love her so much. Is her hair nice?

    I have to agree with you about Gracie Chantilly. Not sure about her yet, and I probably won’t get her, but the Junie Moon Osaka instagram has her in different outfits. She’s definitely cute! Although, I could all of a sudden fall in love, like I did with Pullips. 😍

    1. Lorshek wants me to thank you and also tell you that her hair is silky smooth! It has a nice metallic bronzey sheen to it, which is really something else! πŸ˜€

      Haha, you never know, if you will fall in love with a doll! It’s not easy resisting Gracie Chantilly because she looks too cute in the box. :3 I also checked Junie Moon Osaka and I might have to change my mind now! ><''' Thank you for commenting and have a nice day!!!

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