My Dolly Week #3

Another week has past and I welcome you to the third post of my weekly segment, where I like to ramble on about all dolly-related things. This week I wrote reviews about Ufo A Go-Go, my first Neo-Blythe ever, and Pullip Marie, the latest collaboration with Angelic Pretty.

Michiru (Sailor Neptune) & Blythie (Ufo A Go-Go)
Michiru (Sailor Neptune) & Blythie (Ufo A Go-Go) are exploring every corner!!!

While writing about Marie, I refreshed the site on Mandarake and there she was: Pullip Seila new in box. Overly excited and yet in a daze, I hit all the right buttons to order her and still cannot believe it myself. I am a big fan of Groove Inc. Creator’s Label dolls, but finding Seila without paying way too much for her on Ebay, was something I would not have even dreamt about. She will join her other sisters with face-ups from creator mitsubachi@BabyBee: Galene (2012), KΓΌhn (2013), Alura (2015) and My Melody HEN-NAKO (2016). Now only Pullip Laura is missing from my BabyBee Pullip-collection.

Next week, I have to make a thorough spring cleaning on my dolls’ shelves. Right now there is no coordination whatsoever anymore and I also need to sort out their accessories. I also want to improve the layout of this blog and improve my photography.

Thank you so much for reading!


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